That insane boy that one evening had the crazy idea to start the development of RPGs, and after a while found himself in a Team! Coder & IT Consultant

Jonathan & Francis

The brothers Apple lovers. Focused both on digital art and graphic design, unable to use Photoshop without a MAC, these two guys rocks on graphic design.


The creative, the plot analyst\director, the innovative mind. An hybrid professional figure: from analysis, to plot evolution, to character ideas.


Hybrid professional figure: from coding, to betatesting, to analysis and project creations.


Our loved webmaster! Without him, this website wouldn't even exist. Hybrid professional figure: from web coding, to game's graphic design.


Well, he's not a real dj :P, but he's actually owning all the web and advertising management. / Alpha Tester


The master-writer. He can take 3 words and transform them into a cool sheet. Editor, Writer

Some Random Dude

Also known as "The Consultant". He's a creative, beyond the beta testing skills he's able to give new inputs to improve the game experience coming from an expert wide look.