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Welcome to the Kravenar Games!

If you like adult games and want to try something new, you're in the right place! Kravenar Games was created with the intention of revolutionizing the gaming industry by applying the direct experience of the player to design and programming. The player (our supporter) during the development of our projects, has the full freedom to condition the development of the project through recurring voting systems, surveys, or explicit requests (if it's a top pledges-tier one). We aim to develop games of any kind, for any subject. Covering any possible aspect from a Realistic theme to a Fantasy theme. If you are interested in knowing about us, we advice you to continue browsing ... and we wish you a pleasant stay.

~ Krav


Are you a FAN of The Legend of Versyl saga? Checkout our Versyl's Lair Department!


What is Versyl's Lair department? This section includes all videogames based on The Legend of Versyl saga!

If you have ever wondered what was the story behind the characters of this Universe, in this section you will find all the answers to your questions.

All games you will find will be exclusively coming out from The Legend of Versyl World.

And if you're looking for other adult games outside of the Versyl's World...


What is the Untold Stories department? In this section you will find all kind of adult games outside of the Versyl Saga. 

New characters, new adventures, medieval and modern based time!